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Child petticoat Skirt Mini Dress l Developer
Child petticoat Skirt Mini Dress l Developer
Child petticoat Skirt Mini Dress l Developer
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IDR 188000.00

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Specification of

The developer skirt of the kid's dress makes one of the developers of the party dress

Petticoat Kids l Skirt Developer Mini Dress Kids (1 Hoop 2 Layer) - PCA 002
Petticoat / Rok Pengembang Party Children's Gown is used as a party skirt, party dress, Mini Dress Kids Dress, and other dress so it looks perfectly fluffy. Waist with rubber model. High quality Petticoat so comfortable to use for children.
Material: Linear wire 1 ring, quality lyra fabric, layer cloth
Size: petticoat length 35-40cm, diameter 50-60cm, waist circumference 60 cm rubber, rubber waist fit to XL. High Quality !!
1 pack of contents: 1 piece Petticoat Child (1 Hoop ring 2 Layer)
Color: White Color with Layer Layer Fabrics
Function: For the inside of the Dress the Child looks to expand when worn.

Waist rubber model Fit to XL
Models of wire that can be adjusted size small in accordance with the wishes of the user.
Petticoat uses an elastic wire so it can be folded and carried practically

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